DAH Teatar

In 1991, directors Jadranka Anđelić and Dijana Milošević formed DAH Theatre out of a need for profound experimental work. Actress Maja Mitić joined the group from the beginning. In 2003 DAH Theatre enlarged its activities by founding DAH Theatre Research Centre (DTRC) to deliver an ongoing program of workshops, lectures, seminars, guest performances and festivals. In 2008 an actress Ivana Milenovic Popovic joins the theatre.

The goal of Dah Theatre Research Centre is a constant exchange of knowledge, experience and programs among artists and theatre professionals from different theatrical and national traditions.

The artistic education of young people is another important goal, reflected in the ongoing programs of theatre and dance training, and many workshops by visiting artists and pedagogues.

We want our centre to be a meeting place for artists, managers of culture, specialists, different organisations and initiatives, young people and audiences regardless of age or gender from the local community, the region and beyond by:

  • Bringing the cultural worker, artists, managers, and experts from the region to meet among themselves and with the local community

  • Creating the conditions for collaboration and common projects

  • Touring our productions in the Region

  • Exchanging experiences between young people from our country and countries in the region through working together for longer periods.

  • Developing a modern educational centre for contemporary arts and management that gives an opportunity for practical work in the organisation and realisation of the programs.

Our goal also is to create a place that can empower people in facing the difficulties of society in transition.

Group 484

Group 484 is a non-governmental organisation founded in 1995 tosupport the organisation of 484 refugee families who had found refuge in Serbia after fleeing Krajina and Operation “Storm” of the Croatian Army.  Group 484 was named after these 484 families. The founder of Group 484 was Jelena Šantić, a renowned ballet dancer and peace activist, who was awarded the Pax Christi International Annual Peace Prize in 1996.

From an initial group of enthusiasts who provided humanitarian, psychosocial, legal and informative assistance to refugees from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and later to displaced persons from Kosovo and Metohija (since 1999) and returnees from western Europe(since 2001), Group 484 has become a structured organisation using a systemic approach to the issues of forced migration and migration in general. Direct assistance has been gradually extended to educational and research activities in order to influence decision makers to craft durable solutions. Besides empowering forced migrants, Group 484 has also aimed at empowering local communities, especially youth, to be open and tolerant towards diversity among peoples. Since its establishment, Group 484 has been empowering both the beneficiaries and its staff and the organisation as a whole, transforming it into a modern organisation capable of meeting the needs of beneficiaries and responding to migration challenges in the region.